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What You Need To Know About Crane Finance Services!

Whether you own a farm, construction firm, or any other industrial business, cranes are one of the most important tools you can have. Being able to move, lift, or repair goods is a necessity for any kind of business. But if you’re shopping for new equipment, you’ll know that even the smallest of machines come with a hefty price. This is why we at MHF Finance are glad to offer you our construction crane finance plans to help you get the equipment you need without actually buying it. Ready to get started? Here are things you need to know about crane finance services.

Crane Financing: The Basics

Before entering the world of crane financing, you must be familiar first with some of the most common concepts and terms:

Leasing versus Financing

These terms are often used interchangeably but they’re technically not the same. While they do help cut down the cost of cranes to make them more affordable, their structures are different.

With leasing, the lender buys the crane for you and you pay to use it. In lease-to-own cases, you’ll acquire ownership by the end of the agreement.

With financing, you get ownership of the crane from the start and make payments to the lender each month. That’s why crane finance is becoming a popular choice as it makes financing easier and lighter while helping your business grow.

Flexible Financing

This is the plan customized for a business that’s built around its needs while setting them up for success at the same time. It can be completely custom-made or follow one of the most common and sought-after structures such as skip/step, money down, or buy now, pays later.


The terms of a leasing or financing agreement refer to the type of plan. These can also include the monthly payment amount, monthly charges, and the total length of the agreement.

How Can a Crane Finance Service Help You?

Working with a crane financing company has a lot of benefits. Some of them are as follows:

They Help You Save More

Preserving your cash flow is perhaps the biggest benefit of crane financing. Because you won’t drop a large amount of cash to buy expensive equipment, you can spend your capital on other expenses or investments linked with growth. This can include buying more advanced business software, improving employee management, etc.

You also have the flexibility to bid for new projects or work on other jobs. With crane financing, you don’t have to worry about having an asset that will depreciate.

Crane Finance Companies Have Experience

We at MHF Finance have extensive experience across a wide range of industries. This is why we were able to come up with various crane truck financing options to help serve you better.

Our process is pretty straightforward. After choosing the machine you like, simply talk to one of our representatives for a quick interview. If they see that you’re qualified for a plan, the equipment is yours!

They Let You Keep Up with Technology

Crane financing and leasing companies update their fleets regularly. This guarantees that you’ll always have cranes with the latest technology at your fingertips!

How Does Crane Finance Work?

As mentioned, crane financing is a simple process. Knowing the steps beforehand will give you peace of mind and can help you get your crane quicker.


Of course, you need to apply for financing. What’s great about applying is it’s commitment-free and quick, making it hassle-free.

Let your potential lender know your equipment needs, business, and other useful information about you. This step will only take a couple of minutes. After completing this step, you’re now a step closer to getting your crane.


Next, a financial consultant will reach out for a quick chat. During this step of your crane finance application, you’ll discuss what your ideal financing plan looks like.

The consultant will then give all your possible options. Don’t be afraid to ask questions you may have about the different plans and the whole application process.

Financing Documentation

After applying and giving your consultant an idea of what you’re looking for in a plan, it’s time to share a bit of your financial history. But don’t worry! This is 100% normal and completely safe.

We only do this to know that you aren’t a risky investment. You may even submit the necessary documents online via a secure platform, making this crane finance step fast and simple.

Getting Approved

Congratulations! Once we’ve evaluated your documents, the financial consultant will call and let you know that you’ve been approved. This step usually only takes about 48 hours, and you’ll now work together to finalize the details of your plan.

Receiving Your Crane

You’ve finally reached the last step! All that’s left to do is to sign the contract. We can now send you a purchase order for the crane. Have a good look at it and once we get your approval, the agreement begins and you can start putting your crane to work.

See? It’s that easy. Contact MHF Finance today for your crane finance needs!

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