Equipment Finance Broker

April 29, 2019


Equipment Finance Broker

Equipment Finance: What should you know about it?

Most Brick an Mortar companies use one of more types of Machinery. Equipment finance is one of many ways to grow your business by acquiring the necessary Equipment. Material Handling and Equipment Finance Brisbane, you local Equipment Finance Broker, has put some information together to inform and educate. We recommend to contact us for an obligation free discussion to asses your specific need and situation and give you the best possible advice.

Every occupation certainly has one equipment or the other to make the work easier. Doctors have medical equipment such as X-ray machine, stethoscope etc. In the construction business, which is one of the occupation or industries that makes use of equipment a ton. It is somewhat impossible to start a construction business without equipment. As we all know, construction requires a lot of manpower as well as resources and machinery.

As an entrepreneur, you should know the significance of having the best-in-class instruments and advancements accessible to you at your beckon. This incorporates everything from substantial apparatus, trucks and different vehicles, PCs and other office gear to therapeutic machines. Having the necessary equipment, you need for your business exercises is the contrast between progress and disappointment as an entrepreneur.

Shockingly, nonetheless, you should know that the expense of securing certain equipment for your business can be costly. Notwithstanding whether you are a start-up, a developing or already established organization, buying equipment to meet your business needs removes required working capital. On the off chance that you are hoping to buy new gear or overhaul your current stock, why not consider the benefits of equipment financing as an approach to meet your needs?

May be you are looking to start a construction business, and you have just a little as starting capital, equipment finance might be the best alternative for you right now!

What is Equipment Finance?

Equipment finance as the name implies, is a means of getting equipment for your organization through several measures such as loans, vendor financing, lease and so on. There are a lot of companies specifically laid down to help with equipment finance, either by offering loans or lease at affordable rate, you just have to look for the right one to do business with.

Most businesses make use of equipment finance when:

  • You need some very expensive equipment but you can’t just purchase them because you will need cash for some other important things.
  • You need to upgrade your equipment every now and then because you always need the latest technology to carry out your business.
  • You need a mix of the above mentioned.

Equipment financing is a type of business financing used to give organizations the capital important to buy required gear or equipment for their business. The equipment obtained stand as security or guarantee for the credit, implying that as long as the advance is reimbursed in a convenient way, you have proceeded with use and access to the gear. On the off chance that a default ought to happen under any conditions, the equipment will be utilized as collateral in place of the sum of money. However, there are so many ways by which one can finance equipment which include:

Equipment Loans

We all have an idea of what a loan is. Sometimes we might have even asked your best friend for a loan with the intention of paying back later. Yes, that is the idea of loan. A loan involves borrowing some amount of money from an institution on an agreement of returning the money with interest. Simple right! There are a lot of institutions we offer loans based on discretion and requirements. For example, we have banking institutions and any other financing institution into the business of offering loans to individuals.

Getting loans from banks could be difficult, exhausting and tedious because you have to meet some requirements. The first requirement you might one to check before approaching a bank for a loan is your financial history.

Financial history is a history of your cash flow, the money entering and leaving your account monthly. How much you have borrowed before and how often you return. Banking institutions want a guarantee that you will return their money back. Another requirement you might want to check before opting for a bank loan is collateral. Do you have an asset of equal cost that can stand as a collateral peradventure you don’t have meet up with the payments?

Most times, as a financial expect, we always advise people not to get loans from banks because of their high interests. Well, there are other financial institutions that will offer you loans at better rates.

Equipment Lease

Sometimes, people think of renting and lease to be the same. I say they are similar. Lease is a form of renting. In other words, equipment lease simply means renting equipment from a leasing company on an agreement to pay some token on a timely basis. It could be monthly, weekly or yearly depending on the company’s policy. Making use of this kind of financing could be best for equipment that you are not using for a long time.


An equipment finance broker is a middle man which stands as a mediator as well as an adviser between the buyer and the seller. Peradventure you are dire in need of equipment financing and you don’t know how to go about it. An equipment financial broker is what you need ASAP!

Benefits of an Equipment Finance Broker

A decent equipment finance broker deals with the entire undertaking to guarantee all parts of the procedure are accomplished for the customer from orchestrating solicitations, protection as regards finances and documentations.


As a certified equipment finance broker, we offer concrete and helpful financial advice that will help your business. You don’t have anything to worry about as we have been in the business for a fairly long time. We offer finance options in the following:

  • Materials handling
  • Truck & Trailer
  • Earth-moving
  • Vendors
  • Boat & Yacht




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