Finance A Truck: The Best Way For You

November 23, 2020


Finance A Truck: The Best Way For You

In the industrial world of today, it is almost impossible to operate a service-based company or construction firm without trucks and trailers. However, access to adequate capital to finance required trucks can prove arduous. Should the lack of money hinder your business from having the necessary equipment? Hell, No. With several companies ready to give truck loans and trailer lease, access to these big vehicles becomes easy. This article will educate you on the nitty-gritty of financing a truck.

For construction companies that require several trucks to achieve free flow of operations, it is imperative to seek if they can gain access to considerable amounts of these heavy-duty truck finances. Good news is, the truck finance scheme is available for all, with varieties of plans tailored to fit your company needs.

finance a truck

Requirements To Access Truck financing

Recently, accessing loans for trailers and construction trucks has become an easy task as specific platforms have developed features to trigger loan events within minutes. However, it is essential to meet the necessary platform criteria to qualify. These criteria include;

  • The annual or monthly turnover of your company must reach a specific benchmark.
  • The firm must have no history of debt or outstanding loan event. In the case of construction companies that acquire loans to finance projects, it is vital to have a good loan history (on-time payback)
  • A clearly defined loan repayment plan across a period
  • An asset in the form of collateral is required. The collateral will cover for the truck finance fund in case of default.
  • Complimentary investment-type analysis. It describes a projection of the future yield of an investment. For active construction companies, it is easy to access loans as acquired trucks will improve operational fluidity.
  • Detailed credit reports

Effects Of Credit Scores On Truck Financing

Credit scores are critical in financing and loans. They tell a story on the desirability of a company to access loans. For companies with bad credit scores, their options as regards truck financing are limited. However, some platforms offer solutions to companies with bad credit scores; these solutions are based on strict terms and conditions.

A good credit score represents high chances to access vehicle purchase or lease schemes. To determine your credit score, visit the official webpage of the financing platform.

Truck Financing Schemes

Hire Purchase finance for trucks

This functions as a bank loan scheme. It involves sourcing a truck finance plan without needing to pay a considerable upfront cost. The cost of the vehicle is spread over time, according to the platform-user agreement. With the hire purchase truck financing scheme, your company becomes obligated to pay a specific monthly repayment cost. Hire purchase helps your company to focus on other activity while servicing the truck finance loan. One the agreed time is complete with full repayment; the truck becomes your asset. Afterwards, you can initiate another truck financing event.

Lease finance for trucks

This scheme is quite an interesting one. It allows your service-based or construction company to acquire the necessary trucks for a defined period. With leasing, the truck finance can be initiated fully at the time of acquisition or spread throughout use, as a monthly expense. The lease scheme allows your company to either take possession of the truck at the end of the payment, request for an upgrade on the truck type or give it back.

Consequently, this type of truck finance gives room for some arrangements at the time of initiation; these include taxing events, maintenance and insurance plans on trucks and sale or leaseback clauses. In simple terms, if the vehicle needs repair, the cost is covered by the lender.

Truck Financing Platforms

Are you looking to source for truck financing schemes for your construction or service-based company? Over the years, more platforms have developed channels to help companies and startups access $0 truck finances. These platforms have varying requirements and finance plans. Thus, it is imperative to dig deep when sourcing for financing for your trucks. Through research, we have been able to hand-pick the best truck financing platform, mhf limited.

Materials Handling Finance

Materials Handling Finance Pty Ltd (mhf) is an Australian owned finance company, focused on solving problems related to financing for businesses, equipment and property acquisitions and various personal investment opportunities.

The platform focuses on helping small and medium scale businesses get through their funding needs. It is a user-centric platform that has developed a truck finance feature that gives access to vehicle loans under 3minutes. One unique part of this platform is its flexible repayment option. In essence, repayment is structured in a way that does not hurt your business.

mhf examines your company needs to proffer the best truck finance schemes.

Sourcing From The Best Finance Plug

mhf has distinguished itself through its operations in the finance and brokerage industry. The flexibility of repayment, quick access to required finance for your desired truck and the overall customer-centric policy is all your business needs.

With a variety of truck financing plans and a group of experts that analyze your specifications, be rest assured of getting the best fit for your business.


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