How To Get Farm Equipment Financing That Helps You Thrive

January 16, 2021


How To Get Farm Equipment Financing That Helps You Thrive

Farm Equipment Financing: What Options Do You Have?

Farmers are the most hardworking people you’ll ever meet. Aside from trying to run their farms, they’re also looking for ways to buy the equipment necessary for their needs! It’s no secret that farmers depend on their equipment to make sure that their crops grow strong, so we can have food served on our table. Farming equipment definitely isn’t cheap, which is why farmers across the country are always looking for solutions that can pay for what they need. Luckily, equipment finance provides the funding they need to keep their operations up and running. In this article, let’s look at the farm equipment financing options available and their advantages. 

What Equipment Financing Solutions Can You Choose From?

farm equipment financing

Most farmers turn to equipment financing and leasing since these solutions can be arranged depending on your budget. Meaning, you can get the equipment that you need while allowing you to spread repayments at the same time.

Hire Purchase

The most straightforward kind of equipment finance, hire purchase lets you pay for the long-term equipment you need using fixed monthly repayments. The total purchasing cost of the equipment is spread throughout the length of the term, with agreements usually lasting for up to five years. This lets you manage your cash flow better. With this farm equipment financing option, all you have to do is pay a deposit and make fixed monthly installments for the agreed term. After which the equipment becomes yours.

Equipment Leasing

Leases work like rental agreements. They let you spread the overall cost of the equipment too, and have no upfront payment. This financing solution may be the better choice for very expensive heavy equipment that may have a short life span. Since there can be no upfront cost, you can simply pay depending on the revenue it generates every month. 

Meaning, leases allow you to acquire the equipment you need, use it however you like, and bring it back to the financing company once your term ends. This makes it easier to adopt the latest technologies and give your business a competitive edge.

What Machinery Can We Help You Get With Farm Equipment Financing?

Working on a farm and doing things manually can be demanding. Fortunately, you can get your hands on any of the following once we find you the right lender.

Some equipment we can help you acquire include:

Farm Truck

Having a farm truck is a must for any farmer. Whether you need to drive it around your fields or make long trips, we can help you find a lender that will cater to your needs.


Available in a wide range of options to serve different needs, tractors are heavy-duty machines that can perform heavy-duty tasks such as hauling, digging, or plowing on large fields, gardens, and pastures.

Irrigation System

Crops won’t grow well without a constant water supply. With farm equipment financing, you can choose from various irrigation systems as simple as soaker hoes to complicated ones like multi-level drip irrigation systems.

Seed Drills

These tractor attachments are used for inserting seeds into the ground with minimum soil disturbance. No-till drips are designed to cut through crop residue to make a path for planting newer seeds.

Combine Harvester

Grain farmers absolutely need this equipment since it lets them harvest a variety of grain crops all at once.


This is used to cut and rake crops (such as hay, straw, or cotton) into compact bales so they’re easier to handle, store, and transport. We can help you find the right financing company to make work easier and increase profit.

Why Should We Be Your Next Farm Equipment Financing Brokerage Company?

Purchasing new farm equipment can be stressful. Fortunately, many banks and alternative lenders are now available with deals that help you get the equipment you need without going over your budget.

Here at mhf Finance, we work across the whole lending industry and our expert brokers have had experience in the farming industry—so you can trust us to know exactly what you need. 

Take the hassle out of arranging business finance! If you need better equipment to maximize your investments and increase your profit, simply give us a call and we’ll prepare everything you need to help secure a farm equipment financing agreement that works for you.


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