Materials Handling Finance

Materials Handling Finance

mhf finance is a specialist industrial finance broker. We proved finance for fixed plant equipment and rolling stock lending.

Some of the Material handling equipment we can finance:

  • Rolling stock finance
  • Fixed plant finance
    • Silo and hopper equipment
    • Conveyor belt finance
    • Mixing and metering plant loans
    • Production Machinery lending
    • Industrial robots

Material handling finance



Every occupation has its own material or tool. Without these materials, the job cannot be done accurately and efficiently. Getting the materials for work is like the first step when one wants to start a business. For example, you want to start a delivery business where you would be delivering mails, food orders, shopping orders, newspapers, and so on. You definitely need a truck or simply a means of transport which makes the work easier and better. Imagine starting a delivery company without any vehicles.

Or think about loading a bulk delivery truck with a shovel. ‘ When you want to start a business, materials or tools for work are absolutely necessary and paramount. You don’t have to get everything at once but there are important ones that you should have. When you are running a business it is important to keep your cash for the core business purpose. Fortunately, there are many ways to secure the correct finance to increase your production and buy the correct machinery and equipment for the job.

Material Handling Equipment

Anybody who works in a warehouse or factory would be familiar with this material handling equipment. You’ve probably seen it, you don’t just know its name. Material handling equipment is equipment used for storage, movement as well as transport of goods or products from one place to another. They make lifting and moving of heavy loads easier. For example, in a company where construction materials are manufactured. If these companies were to make use of manpower, the work would be so slow because these construction materials are always very heavy. It would need a lot of manpower. But with this material handling equipment, you only need a few and you’re good to go. Material handling equipment can be categorized into four main categories- transport equipment, positioning equipment, unit load formation equipment, and storage equipment.

Transport unloading equipment

Transport unloading equipment is to transport materials within the workplace over a few yards. You can use them when offloading material from a truck. The size of this transport equipment is dependent on the amount of load you want to lift. we finance all kinds of local transport equipment:

  • conveyors equipment loans
  • crane loans
  • forklift truck finance
  • bulk loader lending

Positioning Equipment

Positioning equipment is used at a workplace to feed, orient, load/unload, or otherwise manipulate materials so that is in the correct position for subsequent handling, machining, transport, or storage. It is there to increase the rate of accuracy, efficiency, and productivity of the workers. We provide all kinds of industrial finance and machinery loans.

Unit Load Formation Equipment

This is a form of packaging that is used to maintain the standard and intactness of the goods or products. It helps to prevent the goods from damaging and also ensures proper storage. Examples include pallets, tote pans, skids, baskets, and so on.

Storage Equipment

You should know a space where goods are stored for a while, that’s a piece of storage equipment. It is where products are stored in form of like the shelves in a public library usually in a room called a storage room. We can finance all kinds of storage equipment that is considered part of the plant or productions process.

Materials Handling Finance

Starting a business that would require the use of material handling equipment can be very expensive. Apart from the goods or products you would purchase, materials and equipment to carry out the job are also as important. All these things would definitely be expensive. Instead of just quitting or giving up on the fulfillment of your business idea, there is a solution for you which is material handling finance. There are establishments that specialize in making your dreams become reality. Material handling finance involves the offering of financial solutions as regards material handling equipment. It can be in form of giving loans or leasing of equipment.

Benefits of using Materials Handling Finance (mhf) as your finance broker:

One of the benefits is that it helps save money which can be re-invested into another important thing that would help increase and improve cash inflow. With material handling finance, you are provided with a list of finance options such as commercial hiring, leasing, renting etc. Employing a company that specializes in material handling finance would save you a lot of stress. You can focus on other aspects, most especially on the aspects that involve bringing in a profit. mhf is an establishment that deals with helping individuals or group of individuals who need help with material handling equipment finance. With us, you can keep your mind at peace that your business is going to fall in the right place. If you’re about to start a construction company, you don’t need to panic about the aspect of finance. We have several finance options that you can pick from. Our services include:

  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Commercial Hire Purchase
  • Finance Lease
  • Operating Lease / Rental
  • Sale and Lease Back Funding

We have the necessary expertise and enough experience to tell you the kind of finance method good for your business. Contact us now and let us embark on this journey to success. Together we can!

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