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Medical Practice Startup Finance…get ready to get started with your new practice….

Being in the tertiary institution for six years, doing the house job and finally going for service is not a joke. After spending so much money and time attending medical school, I believe the dream of every medical student is to graduate with good grades, then go into practice. Starting up a medical firm can be very exciting but frightening at the same time because it can be very expensive and it entails risk taking just as it is with starting a new business. Some groups have placed it upon themselves to help doctors who want to open their own medical firm to achieve their dreams.

What is medical practice startup financing?

Financing is needed to start up a business or firm and maintain it adequately. Cash flow is the life line of any kind of business or firm. Without financial support, one’s dream of starting up a personal medical practice firm cannot become a reality. It’s has been made easy for those of us who want to fulfill our dreams as there are many agencies that can help you deal with your financial incapability.

Medical practice startup financing is a way of helping doctors who are ready to pave their own way and face challenges to open doors for their own practice after finishing their residency or after leaving a hospital position. There are agencies which actually help with these. It entails much more than giving out loans or putting in money to finance the practice. These agencies offer many services to help medical practitioners. Their services are rendered in the following ways;

  • They can help to get loans as they have established relationships with major lenders that can answer on a loan on time to meet your need.
  • They can also give you access to experienced health care consultant who can help develop a business plan, explain the project cost of opening a medical practice and managing it with a set out budget.
  • They assist with human resources basics for the firm by providing staff assistance, determining the advantages or payment of employees.
  • They help to start and maintain the credentialing process to accept government or private health insurance from patients and they also to monitor your marketing initiatives.
  • They help with the website design media publicity and digital marketing.
  • They come up with an option for revenue cycle management (medical billing company; they help with ideas to maximize billing revenue): In-house vs. Outsourced, secure a quote and monitor the process.
  • They assist with the medical malpractice insurance, they find low cost and high value insurance which will entail malpractice and office insurances.
  • They help to select an ideal location for your office.

Are the practice setup services limited to certain types of medical disciplines or providers?

The answer to this question is NO. These services are not restricted to particular medical practices. It cuts across all the medical service providers including urgent cares, primary care, podiatry, ophthalmology, neurology, orthopedic surgery, pain management clinic, neurosurgery, pediatrics and so many more.

What’s the best loans for doctors?

The loan for doctors is called the physician mortgage loans or physician loan. Choosing of the right loan program is as important as getting to practice what you love.


There are a number of agents, lenders and banks can help out with the doctor’s loan but what is highly needed is a reliable, trustworthy and respectable agency and establishment that would represent your interest at all times. To see these few qualities is rare.

Getting an agency or establishment can come with a lot of benefits and some of these benefits include:

  • Making sure that medical practitioners fulfill their goal in life by helping them in locating trusted professional real estate agents.
  • They can also help to determine if the practice you want to startup is financially viable.
  • They offer their expertise by also giving you financial advice and options that might be suitable and well-fitted for your situation.
  • They can assist you with Vendor selection, Office design, Patient communication platform and Financial plan of the practice.
  • They can help you find out other ways to improve your practice revenue other than the main services you render.
  • They help make sure that every plan is successfully executed before the opening of your practice so as to avoid complications after.
  • They can help supervise, advice and consult every move taken on the practice startup to ensure you’re on the right path.


mhf Finance, via its dedicated arm, Medical Health Finance, provides a range of financial solutions, specific to medical professionals from which you can get the best option for you at the moment.

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